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Highest levels of digital authentication and SSL/TLS security for websites, issued in
accordance with the most stringent international standards and recommendations.

2048 Bit RSA Signature Certificates Full Mobile Compatibility
256 Bit RSA Encryption Certificates Dynamic Security Site Seal


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SSL/TLS Certificates!

SSL Certificates aims to authenticate the identity of a website and encrypt the data entered in its pages, preventing the interception of this information by third parties during transmission over the internet.

When you have a security certificate protecting your site, users can be assured that the information they send is secure and can not be viewed or intercepted by a third party, essential for e-commerce websites.

SSL Features

Unlimited server license and free reissue

Strong and reliable 256 bit SSL encryption

Certificate issued from a 2048 bit root CA

Full web browser and mobile compatibility

Sectigo SSL CA

Sectigo CA (formerly Comodo CA) is the world's largest commercial certification authority, more than 100 million digital certificates issued and industry leading technical support.
Sectigo security certificates are issued according to the most stringent international standards, recognized on all web browsers, hosting servers, mobile devices and email servers.

Receive Payments

To receive credit card payments on your site you need a reliable SSL certificate.

Leader in the World

Sectigo CA is the industry's leading trusted root commercial SSL certification authority.

Mobile Compatible

Continuous encryption and security across all devices, including mobile web browsers.

Full Organization Validation

Complete company validation, ideal for commercial and e-commerce websites.

Single Domain

Certificate ideal for protecting a single domain or subdomain (FQDN), available in 3 levels of validation.

Wildcard SSL

Unlimited automatic coverage for all top-level subdomains of a domain at no additional charge.

SSL Multiple Domain

SSL that extend coverage to up to 250 domains or subdomains. SSLs available in 3 levels of validation.

Wildcard Multi-Domain

Wildcard certificate coverage with the versatility of a Multi-Domain SSL, an innovation from Sectigo CA.

Secure Site Seal

The security seal shows to customers that your site is safe to make online payments and purchases.

Unlimited License

Use the same SSL certificate on unlimited physical or virtual servers at no charge or additional procedures.

List of Plans

Sectigo has the most complete list of security certificates for websites and servers. If you can not find the SSL certificate you need from the list below, do not hesitate, contact us!

Security Certificate SIGNATURE Coverage Validation Emission WARRANTY Price/Year Buy/Hire
Sectigo Positive SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Single Domain Domain (DCV) 10 Minutes $ 10.000 $ 12.95 USD Buy Now
Sectigo Essential SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Single Domain Domain (DCV) 10 Minutes $ 10.000 $ 24.95 USD Buy Now
Positive Multi-Domain 2048 Bit SHA-2 Multi-Domain Domain (DCV) 10 Minutes $ 10.000 $ 34.95 USD Buy Now
Sectigo Instant SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Single Domain Advanced (OV) Up to 2 Days $ 50.000 $ 49.95 USD Buy Now
Instant Premium SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Single Domain Advanced (OV) Up to 3 Days $ 250.000 $ 79.95 USD Buy Now
Positive Wildcard SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Subdomains Domain (DCV) 10 Minutes $ 10.000 $ 99.95 USD Buy Now
Essential Wildcard SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Subdomains Domain (DCV) 10 Minutes $ 10.000 $ 139.95 USD Buy Now
Premium Wildcard SSL 2048 Bit SHA-2 Subdomains Advanced (OV) Up to 2 Days $ 100.000 $ 199.95 USD Buy Now
Multi-Domain Wildcard 2048 Bit SHA-2 Subdomains Domain (DCV) 10 Minutes $ 10.000 $ 339.95 USD Buy Now

TLS Encryption

Sectigo SSL certificates provide the highest levels of TLS encryption to ensure the security of your e-commerce website and your clients, SSLs issued by a 2048-bit root.

Icon "Safe Site"

Starting in October 2017, Google Chrome will display a "NON-SAFE" warning on sites without an SSL. Ensure the customer confidence and show that your site is secure.

Automatic System

We use a fully automated order registration, billing and certificate issuing system. Purchasing and issuing SSLs are simple, quick and in a few clicks on our website.

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